Benefits of Managing Employees’ Attendance Using Face Recognition
Facial recognition technologies have undergone large-scale upgrades in performance in the last decade and such systems are now popular in fields like security and commerce. A real-time automated attendance system will mark the attendance of students and employees alike. The automated system maintains the attendance records of employees as manual management of ledgers is a very tedious task. The system enrolls the subject’s face into the database against the subject’s ID (unique) and Name. The system then allows attendance to the recognized faces in the database.
One of the foremost reminiscences everyone has about college is the morning roll call that the lecturers would in-person call upon our names, and we tend to reply in affirmation to prove our attendance. It’s a long and tedious routine in educational institutions and several people have manipulated the manual attendance system. Attendance being a very important side of administration might usually become a time constraint, repetitive job, loaning itself to inaccuracies. Organizations need to keep a track of individuals inside the organization like staff and students to maximize their performance. Managing student’s attendance at lecture periods has become a tough challenge. The ability to work out the attendance proportion becomes a significant task as manual computation produces errors, and wastes a great deal of time. The basis of developing an automatic attendance management system is to computerize the standard method of taking attendance.
Institutions have a traditional way of marking attendance. By using Facial Recognition, the process of taking attendance can be significantly improved to save time and provide a hassle-free way to automatically mark attendance. Since the number of students in an institution is more, using an automated system improves the productivity and standard of the college. In most companies, employees have the practice of using their biometrics or ID card to log their time of entry and exit. During peak hours the number of people entering and exiting the office is generally high. This causes congestion in the workplace and people queue up to and await their turn. Long-distance Face Recognition systems provide a more convenient way of managing this process of attendance. The system will accurately note the time of entry and exit when an employee enters or exits the office. Automated Attendance System has been envisioned to reduce the errors that occur in the traditional (manual) attendance-taking system.
The aim of every administration must be to automate and make a system that is useful to the organization such as an institute. The accurate and efficient method of biometric attendance in the office environment can replace the old manual methods. This method is both secure and reliable.
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