Smart Parking Technology: The Need and Possibilities
Transportation is a major challenge we face on a day-to-day basis. More people means more traffic congestion and additional demand for our limited resources. Increasing the parking capacity would be another bigger challenge due to the growing scarcity of available urban space while decreasing the demand will suppress people’s mobility experience. As anyone who lives in a city would have experienced, finding adequate parking can be very frustrating. It can get people late for appointments and increase chaos on the roads, with drivers circling endlessly in search of a spot.
Smart Parking is a parking solution that generally includes smart parking sensors, counting sensors, boom barriers, UHF readers, and cameras. These devices are embedded into parking spots or positioned beside them to detect whether parking bays are occupied, free, or reserved. This is carried out through real-time data collection. The data is then transmitted to a database or software, which communicates the availability to its users via an LED display. Some systems also offer in-app information about parking locations. This gives drivers the
possibility to explore every parking option available to them. Using smart parking technology saves a lot of time since we know where exactly to find a vacant parking spot.
Smart parking systems also contribute to a cleaner environment. Reduction in the time required to find a parking spot will minimize the amount of fuel that is used when looking for a parking space. This makes the process of finding a parking spot contribute to less pollution, which is a need of the hour. The entire available parking space can be utilized more efficiently since parking sensors transmit real-time data for drivers to have a real-time overview of the occupancy of parking bays.
By coupling Smart Parking System with LPR (License Plate Recognition), safety in the cities can be optimized. LPR provides accurate entry and exit management solutions for new and existing access control systems. It efficiently manages vehicle entries and exits of gated communities, hotels, paid car parks, airports, shopping centers, industrial zones, government and military installations, corporate parking structures, and all other high-security areas. This system’s greatest strength is it’s fast and automated to provide access permission and also makes it highly secure. LPR enables security professionals to shortlist, target, and identify “wanted/stolen/suspicious/lost” plates. As a result, the productivity and efficiency of security personnel are enhanced, hence improving overall security.

Smarter parking strategies are essential for smart cities and are expected to be at the front-line in terms of technology development in the coming years. However, given the high instrumentation and system management costs, the economies of scale and complexity require advanced technology with newer working models. eSSL Security is one of the leading biometric companies in India and has grown into international territories since inception (2002). With the vision of being a top player on a global scale, eSSL has built in-house expertise to be the vision. With over 6000+ channel partners and 6 lakh customers, the network of eSSL wove itself due to eSSL’s support and proven technology solutions and products. eSSL being recognized as a recipient of prestigious “Frost and Sullivan awards”, has excelled in providing services and solutions with the knowledge of in house expertise. eSSL’s major contribution to government sectors has put the government one step ahead in terms of security.